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Arsene Chabanian (1864-1949) Part II

Arsene Chabanian is one of the most prominent seascape painters in Armenian and European art. He spent his long and fruitful life in foreign lands: Italy, France, Belgium, England, where he fundamentally studied his profession with famous masters, then presenting his works in art galleries and exhibitions. Chabanian’s works are almost exceeding one thousand. They are not so numerous in Armenia, some of them being kept in National Gallery of Armenia, in Echmiadzin Holy See Museum and in one or two private collections.
     Of course, the little number of his works in Armenia makes it difficult to give a complete review of the talanted painter’s creation. Many art critics and amateurs, who had seen his works in numerous European exhibitons and collections kept in diverse countries, left their opinions and observations about them and that is why we thought it more expedient to cite the characteristics given to Chabanian’s works by those competent specialists parallel to our short chronological review of his life and career. That will be more convincing and reliable.
    The life of famous men may often seem mysterious. Sometimes the most ordinary and daily events become interesting and deserve attention only because they have happened to these celebrities. Many stories, rare and unexpected happenings, amazing or extraordinary events, funny everyday occurrences have been told about such artists as H. Aivazovski, V. Sureniants, M. Sarian, E. Tadevosian and others…
     Nevertheless, by irony of fate, there is very few information about Arsene Chabanian, a person who was sociable and cheerful, participated in numerous exhibitions and manifestations and lived eighty-five years long life.
     We know only short facts about his personal exhibitions and some others, in which he participated, as well as opinions and appreciations expressed by specialists. Facts about his private life are even scarcer, citing only towns where he lived and his moves from one place to another… He had a son: Hrant Chabanian (Heran Chaban 1888-1939), who was also a talented painter being susceptible to impressionism and cubism.  Heran studied painting at Paris School of Fine Arts.
    We also know that in his youth (1891) Arsene Chabanian offered his painting called ‘’The Liner Nakhimov in the Port  of Batumi’’ to the Russian Grand Duke Georgui Alexandrovich. The latter highly appreciated the painting and expressed his special gratitude to the painter.

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